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Camera on a hot pink background to help with brand photography

Do you REALLY need a branding photoshoot?

By Vicky Palmieri
Nov 28, 2022

So you’ve nurtured and fostered this great idea and turned it into your business. Now you need to let people know about your GREAT business! Here’s why nailing you need a branding photoshoot and how to nail it for your business success.

Every business is unique. You are unique! There may be others out there offering something similar to you, but what makes your biz special is YOU! Your personal spin on your creation is what draws people in to your product or service. Humanising your brand draws your clients in. Evidence shows that people LOVE buying from people, and the more your audience gets to know you, the more likely they are going to convert.

Build a solid relationship with your audience

Here’s where business branding photography comes into the picture. By sharing your story with your audience, they’ll connect with you on a completely deeper level, build trust and your engagement will go through the roof. Creating visually impactful images will also stop people from scrolling on their socials and notice you. Your caption can showcase your passion, your personality, your quirks and even your pains. This is what will resonate with your people and build your community.

Not only is branding photography crucial to creating social media content, but your website is also another entry point for your customers too. Let me ask you one thing. When you go to a business’ website, what’s one of the first pages you head to? The About Me page! Firstly you want to have a sticky beak and learn more about them as a person. Do they align with you and your ethics/values? Then you may go and take a squiz at their socials to find more evidence, and think to yourself, ‘hey I resonate with this person/biz’.

Up-level your business

As well as your company logo, your face and your personality is also part of your brand, and having consistent imagery is the key to a professional visual brand. When you up-level to professional photography, your images can be used on anything to promote your business. Think – website, social media, email newsletters, printed material, editorials, magazine articles. You can keep reusing your images over and over again too. No one is going to remember what you posted months ago.

Choosing a photographer

When choosing a commercial branding photographer to work with, you need to;

  • have a good chat and ask as many questions as possible about how they work,
  • feel comfortable with them,
  • know the photographer will bring out the best in you,
  • see if they can customise their session to suit your needs,
  • know that they have the expertise to make you look and feel great at your session
  • feel confident they understand your vision and work with you to achieve it (no use in having photos taken and end up with a gallery of images that don’t align with you or even worse images that you won’t use!)


So by now you’ve come to realise the importance of professional photography, and how this powerful marketing tool can really make you stand out in the crowd. Authenticity showing up in your digital media is 1000% important and being consistent is the key.

About the Author

Photo of Photographer Vicky PalmieriVicky Palmieri is a commercial photographer and a fierce cheerleader for women in biz. Giving them the confidence to be the face of their business through genuine connection and her down to Earth approach. She’s worked with many female entrepreneurs and businesses to bing their vision to life.



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