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Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration is power. And competition is fierce. So, which one will you choose?

First things first, your business isn’t alone. Wait. What? But you’re the only person doing what you do.

Wrong, my friend.  The service you provide isn’t stand-alone because other people (probably squillions) are doing it as well.

Now before you get all doom and gloom, I’m starting this with reality, that’s all.  Remember, what makes your business unique is you.

But we’re not here to talk about that in this article.

Which means if thousands (squillions) of other people provide what you do, then why fight it?

In this blog, you’ll learn why embracing the power of collaboration can drive your business further.

What’s Competition?

As I said earlier, it’s fierce, and it’s not going anywhere. So, you’re doomed? 

Quite the opposite. Because there’s so much competition, why don’t you work with it rather than against it?

Argh, but they’ll steal my clients, I’ll lose money, and they’ll like my competitor over me.

Is that what your brain is telling you right now?  It’s ok if it is because it’s normal for sure. Here’s the shocking revelation for you, the pie is massive.

And guess what? You’ve also got a giant planet of clients. Which means there’s enough in the pie for all. You may not think about it. But it’s reality.

Competition & Human Nature

Now you may have heard, “survival of the fittest” as a saying.

So you may have thoughts of competing is the way to get ahead.

Think of when people,

-Go for a promotion

– Play sport

– Fight over who gets to eat the chicken butt

– Compete to run a country

Yes, the world is competitive, people thrive over it, and a bit of competition is fun.

However, when you think of competition, you probably say to yourself, well there can only be one winner if I’m competing.

Which means it can hold you back from achieving your dreams because it’s a limiting thought.

But what if I told you it never used to be like that? Think of times in your life where you’ve helped someone else.

– Given up your seat on a train

– Mentored someone

– Picked something up for a stranger

Collaboration is a human instinct, as well.

Perhaps you haven’t tapped into it because you think about that time you ran a 100-metre sprint to get a blue ribbon. I know I loved my primary school sports top covered in ribbons with safety pins.

But back to how it never used to be like that.

Another saying you may have heard is, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Guess what? It used to and still does in many parts of the world. Back thousands of years ago, humans lived as pack animals as a way of survival. They all worked together to gather food, make shelter and raise children.

Which means humans have collaborated for thousands of years in order of survival.

So what changed?

My guess is many factors like companies, competitive sport and sibling rivalry. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to. And let me tell you, once you start collaborating, it opens up new doors that were closed before.

Let’s look at this blog as an example. I’m writing it for a dear business friend who’s now a personal friend as well. And who runs a business the same as mine.

So why am I doing this? Because this blog will give both our businesses exposure by sharing it through websites, socials and boosting SEO.

Plus, it offers extra exposure by reaching my humans and hers at the same time.

But your business is the same as hers, Gemma. Are you thinking that?

Because if you are, yes, it’s the same and we offer similar services but here’s the thing. Her target audience is different from mine. We serve different humans.

But picture this, what iI get a lead which isn’t best suited to my expertise and specific offering?

Well, rather than saying no, I have someone to refer the client too and vice versa.

Through Collaboration, We’ve Both Grown Our Businesses

Firstly, our collaboration created a meaningful relationship.

Because where we’ve contributed to each other, our relationship and businesses flourished.

Secondly, two brains are better than one, right?

Listen, are you a solo business owner? I want you to remember when you weren’t. You worked in a team with ideas and help from others.

And sometimes you can forget that now you’re on your own.

But once you start sharing and brainstorming with like-minded business owners, the magic begins to happen.

Collaborating has increased business opportunities for both of us, and here’s how it can work for you as well.

Increases Your Visibility Through Collaboration

As I said earlier, we’re getting our (stunning) faces in front of each other’s humans. Which means we’re becoming more visible to a similar yet different target audience.

Boosts Your Following with Collaboration

You’ll gain more website hits, social media followers and grow your email list. The possibilities are endless when you’re connecting with more people.

And once you’re following increases? You’re ultimately looking at business growth and making more money.

Expands Your Knowledge

There’s always something to learn.

And working together with someone rather than against them it’ll be a valuable experience. As you’ll gain knowledge, insights and learn new things.

Embrace Vulnerability

When collaborating, you can ask for help.

Go on, be vulnerable because I promise you, it’s fantastic.

Getting a helpful hand is a life-saver because it saves you from doing all of the things all of the time.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to collaborate on projects, and it’s lovely to work together with someone like-minded and who you trust.

Creating Higher-Level Value

When collaborating, you can do things like (guest blog) podcast swaps, YouTube interviews and social media lives. It’s endless.

Creating higher-level value is terrific for exposure, SEO (backlinking) and your social growth strategy.

But it’s also wonderful to create content showing new ideas, further insight into your topic and giving different perspectives to your target audience.

Create New Offerings

This one is truly wonderful.

Because you can create offerings together, for example, something you both have qualities in. And the bonus is you can offer this as a larger package.

In summary

With a collaboration over competition approach to your business, you can better serve your target audience, create new opportunities and grow your business.

Are you in?

Over to you,

What are your thoughts? Have you embarrassed the power of collaboration?

 About The Author

Photo of Gemma Lumicisi, , Copywriter, Marketing and Coach

Photo of Gemma Lumicisi

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She’s a copywriter and life coach. She teaches you how to write copy that sounds like you and how to be yourself truly.

Gemma’s business mission is to help more people be themselves in their business and life.

She helps women stop hiding, become intentional and create a life and business they love.

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