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Marketing and Copy for your Business.
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Do you want to grow your business but you don’t have the time and don’t know where to start… and now you’re stuck in the vicious circle?

Developing marketing plans and content for your business can feel overwhelming and daunting – but you are in the right place!

Hi, I am Dora, not the explorer, but the marketer and copywriter.

I help service-based business nail their marketing and content in an organised and confident way.

Targeted and tailored marketing and messaging that suits you and your business, and more importantly your customer. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach here.

Don’t let your marketing and copywriting hold you hostage anymore.




Strategic and data driven marketing to achieve growth and deliver results.


Content that connects with your reader and makes you irresistible.


For those DIYers who want to nail their marketing and content.


Online and in-person sessions that will keep you moving forward.


For those DIYers who want to nail their marketing and content.

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Easy to implement marketing plans and activities.

Content that connects with your ideal customer and converts.

Personalised to your business, no one size fits all.



Marketing and content for business growth

Marketing and content may feel daunting, but it can be organised and easy.

The guide will step you through what I do to create marketing plans for my clients.

And take you from ‘how do I market my business’ to ‘I can do this’. You don’t need another book or course; you need a marketing plan and some action.





about me

Your professionalism and approach helped RedFig re-introduce ourselves to the wider market with great success! Your efforts, contribution and what you have produced as our public digital presence has been nothing short of excellent! Thank you so very much

Tasso Mangos

CTO, RedFig Managed Services


I had no idea where to start when creating my website content for my new business. Dora gave me direction, honesty and helped me to write something I absolutely love! Couldn’t recommend her more highly, she consistently goes above and beyond to help, and has gone out of her way in her own time to provide me with incredible feedback and support.

I can’t thank you enough Dora!

Kelly Perrett

Business Owner, Bubba Ready


Dora removes all the overwhelm and stress out of even knowing where to start. Her work is just incredible. She listens and she delivers 🙌🏼 thanks so much

Lou Fitzgerald

Business Owner, The Anxiety Project

8 Steps to Creating Copy That Converts

8 Steps to Creating Copy That Converts

It can be daunting to create content for your business, because you don’t want it to be boring, unprofessional or ineffective. So it’s easier to avoid it altogether! Which is why I’ve created this article to give you the steps and confidence to write brilliant copy that connects with your customer.

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Conduct a Competitor Analysis in 6 Easy Steps

Conduct a Competitor Analysis in 6 Easy Steps

I get asked alot ‘why do you need to do a competitor analysis’? It is an important part of a marketing plan, it’s not done to copy what others in the market are doing but it’s about seeing how competitors are positioning themselves. So, what is a competitor analysis?

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